The Summer sport event in Paris: A Celebration of Sporting Excellence

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Park this summer in Paris

How to park during the summer in Paris? Q-Park presents the preferred car parks to park in peace.

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Parking and Parking Reservation in Paris

To make your life easier and allow you to fully enjoy the festivities, it is essential to plan your parking well. We recommend booking a parking spot in the suburbs and using public transportation to get to the event venues.

The Challenge of Traffic in Paris This Summer

With over 16 million spectators and visitors expected, mobility in Paris this summer presents a real challenge. Traffic restrictions around event venues and reserved lanes for authorized vehicles, combined with major crowds, will significantly complicate travel during the summer period.

The best solution is to leave your car in a parking lot and opt for softer modes of transportation: bicycles, scooters, walking, and public transportation.

The Parking Challenge in Paris: Our Recommendations

Parking will be equally challenging this summer in Paris, with parking bans in security perimeters and an even more limited choice of spots than usual. The ideal solution is to park your vehicle in a parking lot outside of Paris and use public transportation to reach the event venues.

As a leading European parking provider, Q-Park offers an extensive network of parking lots in central Paris and nearby suburbs, allowing you to leave your car safely and reach the event venues with ease. On these pages, you will find a list of recommended Q-Park parking lots: La Défense Arena, Saint-Denis Aquatic Center, Eiffel Tower Stadium, and more.

Free yourself from the hassle of finding a parking spot and focus on the best parts of the event: unforgettable performances, sportsmanship, and the quality of the spectacle offered by these great athletes.

Book your parking solution in or around Paris in advance and online to enjoy preferential rates and fully benefit from the sports events!

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