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In recent years, the parking market has undergone a remarkable development, with a real modernisation of parking lots. A challenger on the market, Q-Park France devotes all its energy to reinvent its business, build sustainable growth and have an increased commitment to the stakeholders.

Q-Park positions itself as a trusted partner of the cities, capable of providing solutions to the parking issues in the cities. The management of urban mobility has become a major challenge for the cities. Thanks to its savoir-faire, Q-Park supports these players in the projects intended to improve the heart of the city.

Q-Park has a global approach, which combines the R&D expertise, an architectural integration with its environment and the operational exploitation of parking lots.

Q-Park positions itself as an investor, an employer and an operator in the context of public service delegation, provision of services, commercial lease rentals or buying the freehold.

Q-Park also acts as a commercial partner, participates in the local dynamism and resolves various parking issues. Q-Park collaborates with multiple partners on the national and local level (automotive manufacturers, mobility and collaborative economy players, concert halls and/or theatres, hoteliers, restaurateurs, organisers of trade fairs and events, companies, ...).

Serving the cities

Q-Park provides solutions for the parking needs in the cities.

City halls and communities turn towards the parking professionals in order to adapt the urban space, optimise the current solutions and manage parking.

A significant link of the mobility chain, Q-Park puts all its expertise at the disposal of the private and public customers by offering the solutions, which at the same time meet parking needs, as well as give space to the pedestrians and beautify the urban environment.

Based on this vision, Q-Park has divided its activity into three segments:
  • Multifunctional parking facilities in the downtown area (offices, businesses, residential areas, etc.)
  • Intermodal parking facilities (train station, airport, bus terminals, bicycle rental station)
  • Parking facilities at hospitals
Whatever the needs of the customer may be, Q-Park has a solution best adapted to the surrounding reality of the parking lot that already exists or has to be built. A specific survey with the decision makers and private partners has been carried out and resulted in a customised contract: operating agreement, commercial lease, public service delegation (concession or licencing agreement) or sales before completion.

Serving the developers and planners

Due to its experience and savoir-faire, Q-Park can support real estate developers and planners in the development of their projects by offering optimised parking solutions.

In fact, Q-Park can perform proliferation studies of your projects in order to offer you the realisation of shared parking lots, thus allowing to better adapt the capacities, costs and functioning to the real needs and to become a part of the development of the cities in a sustainable manner.

Serving the construction and renovation

Q-Park provides the financing and controls the process of conception, construction and renovation of the parking infrastructures taking into consideration the surrounding architecture.

Q-Park, by means of its Development Team and its Expertise, surrounds itself with the competences necessary for the delivery of a high quality work and commits to build structures beyond the level required by the standards and regulations in effect.

Everything is implemented in order to make the structure fit perfectly into its environment. The cooperation with the Customer and the French architectural review board (l’Architecte des Bâtiments de France) takes place to ensure that access to the parking areas is provided in harmony with the centres of historic cities and surface facilities.

Q-Park chooses its partner for the construction in each project, depending on the local context, technical sophistication of the work and its ability to meet the architectural requirements established by the House Style.

It requires from the companies, with which it collaborates, to honour its environmental commitments.

Serving your business

The major aspects of the commercial policy implemented by Q-Park are aimed at the participation in the local dynamism and resolution of various parking issues.

Becoming a partner of Q-Park can increase your revenue, reduce your costs or improve the satisfaction of your clients whatever needs you might have. Q-Park will provide a solution adapted to the particularities of your company in order to establish a win-win relationship.

Our Q-Park parking facilities have various partners:
  • Hotels,
  • Convenience stores,
  • Restaurants/Bars,
  • Sports clubs,
  • Theatres/Cinemas/Concert halls,
  • Salons, cultural events, shows, ...
Parking is not an end in itself. As a commercial outpost, the car park allows to revitalise the economic and business structure. Q-Park is attentive to its environment and develops synergies locally.

Based on your needs, Q-Park offers:
  • Preferential tariffs for your clients or your employees
  • Secure parking facilities for your clients
  • Visibility on our website
Q-Park meets the needs of your company by proposing personalised offers based on different products: memberships, packages and other.

Serving your reputation

With more than 14 million visitors per year, and more than 20 000 members using them every day, Q-Park parking facilities remain the sites of your advertising campaigns.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the advertising opportunities in our parking lots.
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