Parking + scooter" campaign: Q-Park and Lime join forces to simplify "last mile" mobility in Paris

In Paris, a combination of car park (Q-Park) and electric scooter (Lime) operators are joining forces to simplify the "last mile" route.

In Paris, a combination of car park (Q-Park) and electric scooter (Lime) operators are joining forces to simplify the "last mile" route.

Since 7 July, three car parks operated by Q-Park in Paris have been offering motorists parking their vehicles the opportunity to ride a Lime electric scooter to cover the "last kilometre" to their destination. An association in the form of an experiment that could quickly spread throughout France.

Q-Park France has joined forces with Lime, world leader in micro-mobility, to offer Parisians an innovative urban intermodality solution: electric scooters to cover the famous "last kilometre", the variable distance (from several hundred metres to a few kilometres) that separates the traveller, once he arrives in the capital, from his final destination. Drivers are encouraged to park their vehicles in one of the partner Q-Park car parks (located at the city gates), then finish their journey by taking a Lime scooter from the station at the exit. Powered by electricity, the scooters are always charged and ready for use.

Smoother and more environmentally friendly mobility

This partnership between Q-Park and Lime is intended to propose a concrete and reliable alternative to the car in the capital, with the aim of promoting a smoother mobility. The car parks located on the outskirts of the city offer ideal anchoring points for residents of Ile-de-France on their way to work or for leisure, but also for visitors passing through. This approach helps them to avoid traffic jams in inner Paris and save fuel, while at the same time protecting the planet. It is also a way of adapting to the restructuring of urban space which, in recent years, has tended to change the face of the centre of Paris.
By combining both cars and soft mobility, Q-Park is making a strong commitment to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. The choice of Lime, the world's leading supplier of micro-mobility, is a step in this direction: the operator has been working for years to meet the challenge of urban mobility, in close collaboration with local stakeholders, on all five continents.

An operation designed to expand

The "car + scooter" campaign set up by Q-Park and Lime kicked off on 7 July in three pilot car parks in Paris: Philharmonie (Porte de Pantin), Institut du Judo/Porte de Versailles (Porte de Chatillon) and Cardinet-Batignolles (Porte de Clichy). It is intended to expand first in the Île-de-France region and then throughout France. So get on your scooters!

Q-Park x Lime

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